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Clement Canopy is the best condo meant for the best in us. Developer, Frasers launched Clement Canopy and made a lot of money as they were one of the few to be able to get this plot of land. What exactly of the condo?

We think the launch price is 1500 to 1600 and will be considered cheap compared to the HDB estate in Clementi.

New Launch Clement Canopy

So you should contact us about the Clement Canopy new launch.


A develop home in the easternmost edge of the western district of Singapore, Clementi is a private town and arranging territory that is near different domains, for example, Jurong East, Queenstown, West Coast, Bukit Batok and Bukit Timah.Clement-Canopy-Streetmap-min-e1483877479351

Clementi has been slated since pioneer lead in Singapore, and pilgrim impacts could be found in the names of some of its streets and neighborhoods.

One of these was Sussex Estate, which used to be situated at Clementi Avenue 1, Clement Canopy.

Set up in the mid-1950s to give settlement to British senior non-authorized officers and their families, Sussex Estate was the sole provincial element of Clementi to survive the last’s real redevelopment in 1975. It kept on being a part of the domain for marginally more than two decades, before it was decimated in 1997.

Clement Canopy Condo


In accordance with these arrangements, the HDB began clearing the territory one year before the initiation of its redevelopment, and saw to it that the influenced villagers were resettled.

Today, Clementi New Town frames the fundamental private segment of Clementi, with a blend of HDB neighborhoods and landed lodging enclaves, the last packed in the west of the bequest.

It is served by Clementi MRT station, and the blood vessel street after which it is named, Clementi Road, is still being used; it extends roughly 5km from Jalan Anak Bukit (around the Bukit Timah territory) toward the West Coast Highway.


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Aside from Clementi Road, the two other blood vessel streets serving Clementi are the West Coast high and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). Topographically, Clementi incorporates Sunset Way Estate, and additionally the neighborhoods close to the MRT station and at Commonwealth Avenue West. Its present populace remains at roughly 72,500. Check out Clement Canopy Floor Plans

Clement Canopy as a Superb Home