The Artra – Experience living

My family and i used to head out toward Tiong Bahru from our dwelling in Bukit Batok to simply try the special food its coffee shops and hawker centers had to sell. I will frequent the Tiong Bahru marketplace for the spontaneous bowl of tremendous Lor Mee. Redhill marketplace may be one among the benefits to life at The Artra, with its well-known Minced Meat Noodles drawing lunchtime crowds of people every day. And consequently, Ikea Alexandria’s low priced still striking meatballs, salmon, ultimately household furniture. I can also actually think about having a soft serve $1 frozen treats on the road to my brand new The Artra real estate after business each and every single day. Let’s not ignore the yummy Tze Char possibilities that are embedded in the common housing blocks of Queensway. From your amazing steamed eggs to seafood soups citizens of The Artra can move into their nearest food havens on a day-to-day basis should they decide. Parking facilities around most of these sections are sufficient too. You may see more than a few zero cost parking facilities places around the HDB flats, a few minutes from the eatery that you want.

Artra Map

Artra’s Benefits to You

Should foods is certainly not everything that makes you ticking, then chances are shopping is certainly the switch to motivate. Nearby the The Artra is located Anchorpoint market, which provides you with appealing as well as practical retail stores from the likes of G2000 in addition to Giordano. Working grown ups do not have to worry with visiting town to buy work-clothes on weekends. The option to do so is only 5-minutes clear of the front door! What is more, in case you happen to be the sporty type, Queensway Shopping Complex sits next to The Artra also. Queensway Shopping Center is known to be Singapore’s preferred area for excellent sport supplies distributed by merchants. They often go at an affordable price range as compared to what proper flagship outlets so that is good .

Artra A mixed development

Moving a bit more rests Tiong Bahru shopping center. It only needs a one-stop journey to get to the wonderful shopping mall. The shopping complex experiencing important renovations for years to the present, and already you can observe the great characteristics of this revitalisation procedure. Only recently the complex manager Land Lease is publicising its latest flagship merchants from Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Cold Storage and many others. This is certainly basically testament to the expectation of premium quality had from the recently renovated shopping mall. Kudos to those who built the Artra!

Just in case that you are a resident, or perhaps just still searching for an upgraded condo for your household, I really hope that you may follow my opinion and consequently choose The Artra. It truly is just about every Singaporean’s desirable residence for food and also ease of access.